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My Stand 48 Hall 1.


2017. The "Alfonzo" Artist Teddy Bear Awards 2017. Winner.  (Polar bear).  United Kingdom
2017. The "Alfonzo" Artist Teddy Bear Awards 2017. Winner.  (Twins).  United Kingdom
2017. The "Alfonzo" Artist Teddy Bear Awards 2017. "R. John Wright award". United Kingdom
2017. "Meisterteddy 2017". Winner. (Nature bear).German Open. Germany
2017. "Meisterteddy 2017". Winner. (Sonderpreis Goebel Porzellan 2017).German Open. Germany
2017. "Meisterteddy 2017". 2nd Place. (Publikumspeis).German Open. Germany
2016. «TTBA. T&F Creative Awards».  Winner.  Taiwan
2016. "URSA Awards Competition". 2nd Place.  USA
2016. "TED-Worldwide". Winner. (Teddy bear , undressed). Teddybär Welt. Germany
2015. "Moscow Diamond Bear". Winner. (Nature bear). Russia
2015. "URSA Awards Competition". Winner. USA
2015. "Euro Teddy". 2nd Place. Euro Teddy. Germany
2015. "Meisterteddy 2014". Winner. (Nature bear).German Open. Germany
2015. "Meister-Teddy". Winner. PuppenFestival. Germany
2015. "TED-Worldwide". 3rd Place. (Nature bear). Teddybär Welt. Germany
2014. "Euro Teddy". 3nd Place. Euro Teddy. Germany
2014. "URSA Awards Competition". Winner. (Polar bear). USA 
2014. «ARTtoy». Winner. (The best toy for kids). Russia
2014. "Meisterteddy 2014". Winner. (Publikumspeis).German Open. Germany
2014. "Meisterteddy 2014". 2nd Place. (Nature bear).German Open. Germany
2014."Meister-Teddy". Winner. (Nature bear). PuppenFestival. Germany
2014."Golden George" Winner. (Nature bear). TEDDYBÄR TOTAL. Germany
2014. "Кукла года". Winner. (Nature bear). Moscow Fair. Russia
2014. "TED-Worldwide". Winner. (Nature bear). Teddybär Welt. Germany
2014. "TED-Worldwide". 3rd Place. (Old fashion teddy). Teddybär Welt. Germany
2013. "Doll Prague International". 3rd Place. Doll Prague. Czech republic
2013. "Euro Teddy". 2nd Place. Euro Teddy. Germany
2013. "Meister-Teddy". 3rd Place. PuppenFestival. Germany
2013."Golden George". Nomination. (Nature bear ). TEDDYBÄR TOTAL. Germany
2013. "Doll&bear". Winner. (Nature bear). Moscow Fair. Russia
2013. "TED-Worldwide". 2nd Place. (Nature bear). Teddybär Welt. Germany
2012. "Meister-Teddy". 2rd Place. PuppenFestival. Germany


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10th Annual URSA Awards Competition.

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10th Annual URSA Awards Competition.The prize was delivered from America! There is real confirmation of my victory!
Из Америки приехали призы! Вещественное и весомое подтверждение нашей с мишками победы!


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I want to say a HUGE THANK all of you who voted for my bears! Without your support nothing would have happened! We are WINNERS!

Спасибоо ОГРОМНОЕ всем, кто голосовал за моих мишек! Без ВАС ничего бы не получилось! Мы Победили!

Итог: Первое место - 1 штука! Второе место - 2 штуки!

Honey, Adrian, Silvestr are finalists of 2015 URSA awards!

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Honey, Adrian, Silvestr are finalists of 2015 URSA awards! Many thank everybody who voted!

I really need your votes once again! Group 1 number 3.08, Group 2 number 7.04 and number 11.05 (vote at bottom of page). - 2015 URSA awards

(everyone can vote again - if you get a notice saying "already voted" you just need to clear your cookies and then return back to the page)

The 23rd Teddy Bear with Friends Convention in Japan

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«German Open 2015» - WINNER!!!!!!!!

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Internationales Teddy- u. Puppenfest in Sonneberg (Germany).
«German Open» Kategorie: Nature bear – WINNER!!!

«Meister-Teddy 2015» WINNER!!!!

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International PuppenFestival 2015. Neustadt bei Coburg (Germany).
«Meister-Teddy 2015» Kategorie: Teddy bear (undressed) – WINNER!!!

Meet us in Munster! Встретимся в Мюнстере!

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Выставка TEDDYBÄR TOTAL в Мюнстере (Германия) состоится 24 и 25 Апреля 2015 в Южный павильон Центра выставок и конгрессов Центрум Халле Мюнстерланд.

Exhibition TEDDYBÄR TOTAL in Munster (Germany) on 24 and 25 April 2015 in Exhibition hall south
Messe- und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland.

Meet us in Munster! TEDDYBÄR TOTAL! Table number G-38.

Meet us in Wiesbaden! Встретимся в Висбадене!

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Выставка Teddybär Welt в Висбадене-Wallau (Германия) состоится 14 и 15 Марта 2015 в Messecenter Rhein-Main.

Exhibition Teddybär Welt in Wiesbaden-Wallau (Germany) on 14 and 15 March 2015 in Messecenter Rhein-Main.

Winter BearFest 2015.

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Hugglets Teddy Bear Festivals. Winter BearFest 2015. London, UK.

Meet us at Hugglets! Встречайте нас на Hugglets!

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Meet us at Hugglets! Stand 122 in hall 4.